What do you deserve?

James Newell had been asking this question of himself for as long as he could remember. A successful professional and a survivor of some incredible life events, the drive to obtain what he felt he “deserved” had kept James alive and caused him to flourish and never give up.

But something was wrong.

Despite his “success” the feeling of deserving more remained.

It wasn’t about having “more” or earning more money, it was about living a life where he could play to his strengths and feel that child like passion that now seemed so far away.

Deeply unhappy and unsure how to breakthrough, James had reached the peak of his career and circumstances, but the belief he could be more never abated.

Something had to change.

Over 18 months of soul searching and research, the meaning of what it means to deserve was de constructed, analysed and tested.

The aim was to truly understand what it means to deserve and learn how to deserve. The results changed James’ life and they will change yours too.

From the origins of the word itself right through to highly original and ground breaking new ideas; Selfmore, ennui, the Circles of Truth and more, James Newell leads the way into a subject so misunderstood and misused by so many, for too long.

There are Five core principles of YOU DESERVE IT that anyone can implement to deserve more.

  1. You deserve your current situation.
  2. You don’t deserve more than you have (yet)
  3. To deserve is to serve.
  4. Be a planner. Not a settler.
  5. It’s all on you.

At the core of deserving, is serving. It’s the shift from what you can get to what you can give that will enhance your life beyond the limits of your thinking.

Never before has the subject of deserve been presented in this way.

Never before has a word been so misused and misunderstood.

Never again will you wonder what you deserve.

YOU DESERVE IT – Take Responsibility. Take Action. Change your life.